One of the most marked specialties of CSR-ONLINE, are the Virtualization projects.

From the first versions of VMWare in 1998 going forward on, CSR-ONLINE bet on this technology, seeing the light of its first Virtualization project of a systems farm in the year 2001. Since then, there have been innumerable Virtualization projects and others projects related to Virtualization technology in which CSR-ONLINE has participated, together with large manufacturers such as VMWare.

The constant evolution within the world of Virtualization led us to be one of the first companies in the world to virtualized IP PBXs 11 years ago, which is why we have extensive experience also in the Cloud world, another of the great specialties of CSR- ON-LINE.

  • Business systems projects, High Service Availability.
  • VDI Farms (Virtual Desktop Interface), Virtual Remote Desktops
  • Cloud platforms
  • Data Protection
  • Recovery Projects
  • VSAN Virtual Storage
  • Virtual Management (Operations Management)

Consult with us what is your ideal solution for the future of your company.

Hypervisors and Platform

Replication and Backup Products

  • Send your copies and replicas without transfer limit.
  • Page only for storage space.

Monitoring and Control