StarWind Virtual SAN is a fully software-based hypervisor virtual machine storage solution.

From this solution you will create a fully fault-tolerant, high-performance storage cluster based on the mirroring of the ESXi or Hyper-V nodes. With all this we eliminate the need for an expensive SAN or NAS or other physical shared storage.

Its 3 significant points:

Cost of ownership

The cost of ownership is reduced by half, which translates into a very considreable saving both in terms of operations and capital expenditures. StarWind Virtual SAN cancels completely shared physical storage, implementation activities and maintenance associated with infrastructure and corresponding.


Simplicity is a key feature. StarWind Virtual SAN runs as a component of native hypervisor so it does not require any high knowledge in storage, network or UNIX. A lifelong system administrator with a minimum of experience in virtualization or Windows can install, configure and maintain the solution without the slightest problem.


Performance is immediately reflected given the low implementation and administration costs. StarWind Virtual SAN performs an extraordinary function of server-side cache through flash memory and / or RAM, reducing the IOPs absolutely to its minimum expression. The resulting performance is virtually unmatched by any of the typical physical or virtual storage on the market today.

Main Advantages of this sensational product:

Server-side cache

Virtual SAN reduces latency and eliminates much of the network’s traffic to its minimum expression by using distributed RAM and flash-based caches. The performance improves drastically, maintaining the consistency between the hosts so that the writing and reading of your data is super fast and safe.

Fault tolerance and high availability

Virtual SAN basically works in “mirroring” mode at the storage level and host caches creating fault tolerant clusters.

Scale-up and scale-out

The capacity for growth is totally elastic both in scale-up type architectures and scale-out architectures. The storage and computing capacity can be increased dynamically simply by adding more Starwind Virtual San nodes to the cluster.

Agnostic Hardware

Asynchronous replication

It also comes with a very efficient asynchronous replication mechanism to ensure that the critical data of our businesses is replicated to a disaster recovery SITE. Replication is implemented to be asynchronous and uses the deduplication, compression and snapshot technologies to achieve the best results.