Hitachi Replication

It provides replication for enterprise storage environments of Hitachi cabinets. The software also offers asynchronous performance, low latency, with key features such as “journal” and “multi-target” based disk or cascaded configuration.

As a result, you can execute the replication of any volume capacity, quickly, heterogeneously, and efficiently, compared to server-side replication approaches on the “host” side. When combining several Hitachi technologies, you get the power and flexibility to plan various data center configurations for disaster recovery, business continuity, or data migration purposes.

Hitachi satisfies the most demanding business continuity and disaster recovery requirements.

The consumption of resources and establishes a new standard for data protection. This asynchronous replication solution replicates data hosted on the virtual storage platform or VM unified storage, at any distance, and does not require redundant servers.

my2STORAGE © is a system of storage of large volumes of data in the “cloud”, so that thanks to current technologies, we can replicate your entire system, or only the most critical systems. In this way you will have a second fully decentralized security replica.