The companies manage Heterogeneous system farms, where the payment systems of world number 1 manufacturers, such as Microsoft, coexist with Open Source systems, such as Linux and other subversions of other manufacturers.

The need to manage these systems and interrelate them, both in the physical world and in the Virtual (System Virtualization Platforms, Cloud Platform, etc.), has been giving an important background to CSR-ONLINE, an essential experience to handle in the provision of Cloud services from the CLOUD.

Do you have Open Source systems and do not have anyone to keep them? Do you want to upload them to the Cloud and do not know how? Contact us.

Solutions implemented on Linux platform:

  • Internet servers (e-mail, HTTP, FTP …).
  • Firewall / IDS server.
  • VPN server.
  • FAX server.
  • Database Server.

In addition to standard Linux configuration and installation services, CSR Online offers:

  • Services of Linux high availability clusters.
  • Database Cluster Services (MySql).
  • Monitoring Servers and alerts via email / SMS.
  • Instant messaging server (public or private).
  • Collaboration tools / Wiki’s / CRM.
  • Various OpenSource solutions.