CSR-ONLINE has extensive experience of more than 25 years in Business Systems platforms of all kinds. Everything you need to start your business, from the wiring, to the continued maintenance of your systems.

  • Projects of Structured Cabling, Fiber Optics, WiFi-WiMax links, Laser links, VPN communications …
  • Networking Projects, Switching, Routing, Firewalls, Network Securing
  • Systems Virtualization Platforms, Domain Servers Systems, Files, E-mail, Printing, Backup, SQL-Oracle Databases, AS-400, Open Source.
  • SAN-NAS-DAS Storage Projects, Virtual SAN, Remote Replication, Disaster Recovery
  • Projects of VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) or Virtual Remote Desktop.
  • MDM mobile device management projects.
  • IP communications projects, IP PBX, Video Conference / Multi-Video Conference, Messaging Convergent Platforms
  • Technological Consulting and Consulting Projects
  • Technical Services, continuous preventive and reactive maintenance.

And much more,… If you want to know what you need to improve your company on a technological level, contact us.

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