WIFI Solutions

We decided on the Ubiquity Brand that allows us a fast deployment in any company based on software management controller (free) in the case of installing it on a server that we already have with Windows, MacOS or Linux.

The software allows us more than 100 AP per Wi-Fi zone, ZERO Roaming and we can have it in a VPS server in the cloud from where to manage the AP of all our offices

At CSR we offer the 24 × 7 Controller service for a closed price / month x (company) with no AP limit to manage and personalized access for each client.

The most outstanding

  • Free Controller for Software (hotspot, virtual vlan, width control …)
  • Web management with graphs of use, notices by mail, etc.
  • Provisioning almost Plug & Play and auto-roaming
  • Robust with many connected clients
  • Very good coverage and bandwidth
  • Multi Band 2.4Ghz and 5GHZ

Web Configuration

Easier impossible, all the management is via web, you just have to place the AP in the office that you touch and tell the controller’s ip (some steps of authentication) and the AP is ready to be managed from the web. You send your APs to the offices and they all connect to the controller. If in some area you want to cover does not reach cable you can enhance link between them via radio (extend coverage).

Sopo Deployment and Centralized Management

Designed for industrial environment

Both the AP and its accessories are equipment designed for industrial environment where there is a lot of dust and that resist blows.

The range of switches and AP is an ideal solution for the most complicated environments.

The teams

You have equipment in a single box or KITs of 3 units in several of the interior models, all the equipment comes with your POE injectors in case you do not have a compatible POE switch (EYE POE can have several voltages not connect the AP to any switch without checking it )

A single cable “up to the ceiling” the injector stays in the central cabinet

Additional services

These are the services in which we complement the manufacturer:

  • Wiring and installation of equipment (internal and external)
  • Verification of coverage and signal connectivity
  • VPS driver under our Cloud in 24 × 7 scheme
  • Driver Installation at the customer’s home
  • Multi Band links, point to point and point multipoint