Video Security Solutions

We decided on the Ubiquity Brand that allows us a fast deployment in any company based on recording and software management (free) in the case of installing it on a server that we already have with Windows, MacOS or Linux.

The software allows us to mark the cameras for continuous recording, based on detected movement (pre-recorded and post-recorded to the detection). Quality of 720 and 1080, depending on the camera.

In CSR we offer the service of management and recording 24 × 7 for € 10 / month x (camera); maximum retention 15 days; no limit of traffic (resolution) to manage and personalized access for each client.

The most outstanding

  • Free Software Management and Recording (app available to view remotely)
  • Very good recording quality in both LAN and WIFI cameras with double band.
  • Almost Plug & Play provisioning
  • Very clear video management

Web Configuration

A free tool that has nothing to envy other payment management solutions

Sopo Deployment and Centralized Management

Alerts and Instant Management

You have an app to see and manage everything

Ideal for Industrial environment

The Equipment

Exist cameras for all environments, (interior, exterior, night, motorized …)

… and the micro, a double Wifi camera that is placed in minutes, with exceptional quality, infrared for night mode with great quality and a size that you can place it anywhere.

A single cable “up to the ceiling” the injector stays in the central cabinet

Additional services

These are the services in which we complement the manufacturer:

  • Wiring and installation of equipment (internal and external)
  • VPS driver under our Cloud in 24 × 7 scheme
  • Driver Installation at the customer’s home