1Gb internet access always

you need only 2Mb of connectivity to view fast and confirmable your virtual desktop, from your (dedicated windows) you access to all resources via internet with max speed.

personal computer is yours

in your virtual desktop you have all your apps, softphone, all you need to work

your IT personal control and help you in your virtual desktop, don’t needs to touch nothing on your personal computer

integrated with your IT systems

from dedicated virtual desktops (VDI)

Servers or Farms of Remote Desktop

Enviroment build in DMZ and connected via vpn site2site or client vpn software

on demand solutions under dedicated or shared VPS

… from any device (pc, mac, tablet… / backup included …

Pay per use licenses

use your own licenses or rent


we extend your vps storage or support backup of all type of endpoints devices


Your website hosted on our systems with the same service guarantees

Your email account, calendar, contacts … accessible from your desktop, web, tablet, smartphone, …all in a shared or dedicated VPS

Better than Dropbox, in a private server, without transfer limit, synchronize all the devices you want without limit …

virtual pbx

Use our voice services from the company switchboard, a softphone on your smartphone or an IP phone at your work desk, always at market prices, …

Jitsi videoconferences

your own server for private video call and multi video without limits

Rocket.CHAT Official Partner

alternative to slack , teams, google suite, based on private vps dedicated and integrated with things like WhatsApp, telegram, etc… omnichannel

vpn 360

Connect secure to your company of protect all your traffic in public internet access

Endpoint Management

Our Allianz with StratoDesk  permits to offer a global management solution for all type or arquitectures (x86, arm, raspberry Pi… overlay windows desktop clients)

We provide to our clients some benefits with this technology:


Acces to demo licenses

VPS in our Private Cloud for the management server 

Support and Planning