Sensors and Domotica

We decided on the Ubiquity Brand that allows us a fast deployment in any company based on software management controller (free) in the case of installing it on a server that we already have with Windows, MacOS or Linux.

The software allows us all kinds of equipment and sensors that we can have it in a VPS server in cloud, from where to manage the AP of all our offices.

At CSR we offer the 24 × 7 Controller service for € 30 / month x (company) with no limit of sensors to be managed and personalized access for each client.

The Most Featured

  • Free Controller for Software (management of all types of sensors connected via internet or wifi)
  • Web management with graphs of use, notices by mail, etc.
  • Almost Plug & Play provisioning
  • Many types of sensors and creation of alerts and actions mixing their metrics
  • Power consumption terminals and remote on / off ideas for those who have a KVM that don’t support the restart by electric current.

Web Configuration

Easier impossible, all the management is via web, you just have to place the sensors in the office that you touch and tell the controller’s IP (some steps of authentication) and the sensor is ready to be managed from the web. You send your sensors to the offices and they all connect to the controller.

Sopo Deployment and Centralized Management

Designed for Data Centers and Data Centers

Both the AP and its accessories: intelligent power strips, temperature control, electronic consumption control, motion detectors.

Total control of your physical environment

The teams

You have equipment to control many physical factors, in the image you can see an adapter to WIFI / LAN where a motion detector and a temperature control are connected

You can create rules and actions based on the collected metrics, such as turning off a socket on a power strip if the temperature rises for more than XX minutes at YY temperature.

Additional services

These are the services in which we complement the manufacturer:

  • Wiring and installation of equipment (internal and external)
  • Coverage and connectivity check
  • VPS driver under our Cloud in 24 × 7 scheme
  • Driver Installation at the customer’s home