What is Rocket.Chat?

Open source, free to implement the Slack alternative for collaborations and team communications. It has documents to share, voice messages, as well as video and audio conferences. Modern chat interface with emojis, reactions, link previews, voice, photos and video. Private groups and out-of-log messages allow encrypted private conversations. Public channels allow collaboration between departments and with partners. Supports APIs and bots. Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Who use Rocket.Chat?

Teams with interactive communication and collaboration needs. Users looking to migrate out of Slack. Businesses of all sizes that require an extensible messaging and collaboration platform.

Official Partner

Omnichannel for clients and suppliers

From one Application / interface communicate in multiple channels:

  • whatsapp
  • telegram
  • facebook
  • livechat
  • sms
  • mail
  • jitsi
  • owncloud


  • integration using webhooks & rest API with lot of services…

“corporate facebook”

A simple tool to use, under a dedicated VPS owned and controlled by you.

Thanks to having your own dedicated virtual machine with Rocket you can integrate with virtually any application or medium you need in a fast way.

Hyper Social Connected

a problem? we think yes…

From a single application from any device you can communicate with people from your company in real time, chat, video …

But the best thing of all is that from a single application you receive WhatsApp from clients, facebook messenger, sms …

a single application for you that receives and sends through all the channels that exist, being your company very accessible from the preferred channel of the customer or supplier channel

Alliances Guarantee Integration

CSR-Online provides dedicated VPS services, with our strong point being Systems and Communications and the proper functioning of infrastructure.

We have created an alliance with the company RGW IT SERVICES located in Belgium to offer our clients the integration of rocket with their needs (programming, webhooks, Ret API, etc …)


communication and possibilities

We are able to adapt and get a quick sale if we are in the channel and in the moment.