Analysis and Monitoring of Infrastructures in Real Time.

The analysis and monitoring of our infrastructure in real time, allows us to optimize our resources so that at all times we know the state of our infrastructure.

Thanks to this, we can improve both the infrastructure itself concentrating our efforts on those parts that need it, and deciding in a better way where we must invest our capital to improve and optimize our resources.

Our real-time analysis and monitoring system allows us, in an easy and graphic way, to analyze all those aspects of our infrastructure that we did not dare analyze before, either due to lack of time, or due to the complexity of interpreting the logs that are constantly sent to us send us by our equipment.

Some features.

Among the best features it incorporates, we can highlight:

  • Hardware and Software independence. It is not necessary to have specific platforms, hardware or software, it is only necessary for the platform to centralize the logs to our analysis and monitoring system.
  • Centralization. We can centralize several devices in one place, so we do not have the need to check them or analyze them one by one, and from the same interface we can focus on a single device if we need it.
  • Global View. It allows us to identify all the records in a single view and, on it, to focus on the parts that most interest us. We can see at one time where we have errors, excesses, or bottlenecks.
  • Analysis. The analysis of the information that we receive constantly from our infrastructure is difficult to analyze, and if we have several more. We make it easy by focusing on several “common” aspects, such as user browsing through the webs, or firewall logs.
  • Tracing. Tracking a particular user, a group of them, or a remote delegation that allows us to make a report, is a generally tedious task. Our analysis and monitoring system makes it easy, from the initial monitoring, to the creation of the final report.
  • Real-time Alerts. We can configure the system to send us alerts automatically of any event that we need to register of our infrastructure: use of bandwidth, prohibited pages, and so on.
  • Personalization Our system can be customized in all aspects, creating customized global views based on specific analysis and monitoring needs. This allows the flexibility to have several global views, depending on the type of hardware or information that needs to be analyze