Backup Online

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Protect your system from external data copy/replica.

We provide 3 Datacenters you can backup or replicate to in many protocols and applications.

You can see our offers, if you need some special needs please contact us.


multitenant portal


Compatible with: Backup & Replication, Agents for windows (Desktop & Server) & linux agents

we are native service provider add to your veeam software

We can monitor all your copies and send you an alert if something goes wrong


native accepted NAS

Replication or Backup from your NAS



Have a copy and protect all your  Office 365 data, included Exchange, Contacts, Calendar & OneDrive Services for Business.



Protect you data in Google G Suite, included Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, My Unit & Drive Service.


rSync protocol


Sen to us from different systems and ways to our silos.

you can send for example with rsync, ftp, sftp, webdav…

ask for any special needs.


Windows Systems Protection


Install our agent in Desktops, Servers and send a backup copy to us

We support DFS replica if you want to have remote instance

Backup data is the first you need to do in your company, always