AntiSPAM by domain

We decided on open source since we see that it adapts faster than commercial packages.

Paying subscriptions for what really matters, list and control services.


The elements

  • Spam module assassin
  • ClamAV Antivirus
  • RBL filters
  • Gray, White Lists, Locks
  • Payment packages for advanced locks

The best technology

For a long time the SCORES module of SpamAssassin has been and is the reference in the classification of what is and what is not SPAM .

A great classification module.

The open source as an advantage

The open source communities control the majority of the servers and lists that are currently used to control this type of threats and after having tried many solutions we clearly see one of the winning horses.


Open Source with support.


One of the most updated antivirus that takes day after day, the envy of many alternative payment systems.

Very few escape this filter.

Service and price:

We charge for unlimited domain of any type or mail or traffic.

You can use it to filter incoming traffic as outgoing.