From € 5 / month per virtual telephone extension

Go one step further in the evolution of your company and advancing technologically with your voice communications, at the same time that, you lower your costs ostensibly. Yes, the IP Voice is a reality that has been living among us for more than 20 years. Forget the systems of traditional telephone exchanges, which anchor it to the past. Release your voice communications and make once and for all flexible the way you, your employees and customers communicate. Grow your business and add new to your Voice communications.

Use a single switchboard for your company and all its delegations and / or dependencies, and forget once and for all the installation of telephone switchboards in each of its branches. Eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs. Do not put limits on your growth. The Virtual Switchboard offers the possibility to grow dynamically according to your needs, or decrease if necessary. Extend or decrease your needs on demand. Open a new delegation and easily link it to the virtual switchboard by simply sending the configured telephones. Register virtual telephones worldwide. Remove the fences to the field and expand your business. Grow without limits. Your business area is the whole world.

It will also benefit from the very low costs of IP Telephony, much more economical than conventional telephony with traditional operators. Reduce your telephone rate from 50% to 75% and start earning money through your Virtual Switchboard, reducing maintenance costs and the high costs of charging conventional operators.

Install telephone extensions of your switchboard wherever you want, in the country you want and with extreme speed. In 24-48 hours you can have remote extensions working, just by sending the programmed telephone devices.

From small switchboards with 5 extensions and no growth limit …

How far do you want to grow? CSR-ONLINE will make it possible.

Quick example on how to save on Telephony costs:

Elimination of conventional switchboards and / or branch offices and their annual maintenance costs and associated incidents, replacing them with a single virtual switchboard in the CLOUD with the highest technology, in monthly payment mode, maintenance and constant technological evolution, without growth limits.

Elimination of RTB analog or digital ISDN lines or ADSL lines, with high fixed costs, replacing it with a single fiber optic line with Internet access.

Elimination of conventional telephony rates, maintenance fees, call establishments and minimum per-minute charging costs when establishing the call, replacing it with virtual geographic telephone numbers, with charges per seconds, without call establishment and at a cost much smaller than traditional operators. (Example: 1 minute of call to mobile in a traditional operator can cost from 0.07 cents a minute up, according to the operator, while with us they are 0.03 cents a minute and without call establishment and charging per seconds.

Encourage yourself and go a step further in the evolution of your company. Connect to the future. Connect to the present, with CSR-ONLINE. Ask us for a quote


24x7x365 99% Available

Connect unlimited extensions from multiple locations.

Call recording, improve your customer service.

Unified communications chat, presence, etc.

Api for developers. Connect your applications.

Audioconferences. Organize your conversations.

Divert your calls to other extensions or destinations.

Stamping groups and strategies.

Send instructions to your agents.

Manage your service through web interface.

Play music on personalized standby.

Follow me / Follow me. Do not interrupt your conversation.

Dedicated Public IP, Dedicated Firewall, VPN Tunnel or point-to-point

Make phone calls to destinations around the world at the best price. RATES

UNLIMITED OUTPUT CHANNELS / Spain numbering with 2 input channels € 10 / month

* International numbers and / or additional input channels consult.

Generic Information about VoIP Services under Cloud in Datacenter

What does it consist of?

Well, just like a conventional switchboard, it is a device that allows you to “centralize and distribute” calls. But unlike conventional systems that are a “hardware”, a physical machine that must be manipulated by connecting and disconnecting cables, raising and lowering switches, the IP PBX is software that can be operated remotely, which is programmed from a computer and above all, it can be updated and adapted without needing to change the physical device:

Your switchboard will change as your needs change, without further ado.

How does it work?

Technically, to receive a conventional call, when someone dials your telephone number, your telephone operator sends the voice over a cable from the central office to your office / home. In our case, when someone dials their number, the voice converted into data is sent in the same way through the data lines to their office or home. Your phone will ring and you can pick up and talk.

In the conventional world, everything ends there. In the world of VoIP, this is where everything begins. Let’s give some examples to illustrate:

  1. Your phone number (or extension) goes where you go. For example, if you go on vacation, just connect your phone where you go and it is already. Your number has not changed. If it is in an office and you change your site, where you will hear your extension, it will ring in your office, in your provincial branch or in any country in the world where you are. And if you are not in your office and there is no phone at hand, you can connect your PC and use it as a telephone to receive your calls.
  2. Your answering machine is now your email. Indeed, if you activate it, when someone calls you, you can choose to show them your answering machine and the voice message will be recorded, it will be placed in an email and it will arrive to your mail as a normal mail where you can listen to your messages. It is no longer necessary to go to the office or home to listen to the answering machine, or use complicated devices or codes to access (paying) to your answering machine: where there is a mail reader (cybercafé, hotel, etc.) you can listen to your messages.
  3. Off-shoring. That is, now your company no longer has 10 phone numbers, one per branch. Now everyone has the same phone number and different offices have different extensions. Of course, talking in your office, regardless of your geographical location, is always free.
  4. You can have personalized geographic numbering in any Country. Corporate numbers (902) identical for all or geographical “on-demand” numbering, that is, you can have different numbers from your province. And even international; because, indeed, it is now possible to have a number, for example, in Germany, so that when someone dialed that German number you sound a phone in your office, for example, Cordoba.
  5. Integration services with the mail and the web, such as “Press and Call”, through which someone visiting a website can press a button at that moment and automatically talk to their reception or commercial department to place an order. Of course, it will be completely free for your client and for you.

And all this is a reality today!

You only need a broadband Internet connection (ADSL, Cable Modem, 3G). The terminals will connect as one more computer in your network, automatically configured by DHCP and registering in our system without problems. All Plug & Play. You will not need a second network outlet as the equipment is inserted between the network cable, that reaches your computer, so it uses the same cable.

General Conditions for the Service (act 2014)

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Request for Service Test

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