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Some of our clients: reception of alarms, incidents and maintenance service … in a 24×7 active section.


Whenever we speak of a Call Center, we refer to call centers, companies that have a number of people who are dedicated to answering calls or making calls or even both tasks, the purpose of these calls can be with various objectives for example, customer service departments, attention to claims, assistance and technical support, departments that conduct surveys, telemarketing companies, etc.

For these companies in particular it is very important to know the quality and number of calls made or answered, the reason is very simple, the main business of these companies is focused on making and receiving calls with which the control of the Information that refers to calls is of vital importance to value the business and benefit of these companies.

In this information, data of calls and agents, number of calls received, number of calls made, duration of calls, average times, response times, availability of agents, etc., are valued. With all these data you can know if you are doing well or not work and what are the critical points in case there are.

The above mentioned can be carried out with an adequate call processing system and resource optimization techniques. Contact Center solutions allow companies to offer higher levels of efficiency while increasing their income. Thus, the right agents will better serve the calls and the overall productivity of the Call Center will increase, reducing costs.

A Contact Center is a Customer Service System that allows Human Resources to be managed in the most profitable way to meet requests. It prevents customers from waiting longer than necessary, also prevents a customer who calls or contacts your company to explain several times the reason for his/her call, also provides information automatically to your client and generates all the information necessary to manage day to day the management of the clients.

The Call Center module can handle incoming and outgoing campaigns. Some of its characteristics are:

  • Open source predictive dialer
  • Support for Do-Not-Call List
  • Support for outbound and inbound campaigns
  • Forms can be associated to a campaign and designed through a Web wizard
  • A “Script” can be associated with a campaign
  • Agent console
  • Support for various types of Breaks
  • Advanced reporting
  • Integration with CRM (based on Web Service)
  • Ability to connect to databases: Oracle, MS SQL, Mysql, Postgresql.

Outbound Campaigns

  • Generates calls from a phone list
  • Calls are assigned to agents to intercommunicate with customers
  • Predictive dialer generates calls seeking the highest efficiency
  • The operator receives information from the user and enters it into the database through forms
  • The information can be exported to spreadsheets

Incoming Campaigns

  • Call Center receives calls and assigns them to agents through queues
  • A base of telephone numbers and customers can be fed to know who is generating the call and provide better customer service.


  • Breaks Report
  • Call Detail
  • Calls per Hour
  • Calls by Agent
  • Standby
  • Time Login – Logout
  • Incoming calls
  • Chart of Calls per Hour
  • Monitoring of Agents
  • Monitoring incoming calls
  • Agent Information
  • General Report of Time Connection of Agents per day
  • Report of Trunks used per Hour in the day

We are always including new features to the new versions of the Call Center module. Our development team works every day in the addition of new functionalities and tests according to the demands of the market. Your comments are always welcome and reviewed by the project team.