Our Alliance provides:

      • Sale of Certified Equipment
      • Presales and After Sales Support in Spanish and English
      • Events and Training
      • Project and Certification Support

A reference to the most used:


You can view all physical appliances click on the NetGate Manufacturer

For prices and available please send mail to comercial@csr-online.net or fill the nest form.



We have been making configurations of all kinds for many years, some of them are:

  • Office Firewall / Venues
  • Firewall Cluster for Centrals
  • Load balancing with all types of lines
  • In bridge mode for traffic control or blocking (where operator equipment is untouchable) Main datacenter router BIG TRAFFIC.

The best packages in the market

The open source as an advantage

The communities offer the speed to update themselves against the changes and be the first to give a solution based on their economic support in the Official Support.

Solutions for the Cloud

Our customers of Private Cloud Service enjoy a pfSense® VIRTUAL DEDICATED, hundreds of virtual machines under cloud running without stop give us the Know How to support virtualized or physical clients in topologies of all kinds.


Trust in CSR-Online and pfSense®