Since the beginning of CSR, our philosophy is to innovate, implement, and develop technological solutions for our clients. We can do this thanks to the fact that we have a dedicated team, almost exclusively, for R & D.

This team is responsible for searching among the large number of solutions that appear on a daily basis, those that best suit our services, and of course, our customers. Offering packaged solutions that fulfill one or several specific functions.

Observing the daily needs of our clients and the direction marked by the current technology worldwide, we look for those technological solutions that facilitate the day to day of our clients, or that offer an added value to them, as well as to our services.

Monitoring, Security, Resource Management, are some of the examples of R & D in which we operate.

Our team looks for and is informed of the maximum possible of existent solutions in the market, and in our laboratory they are thoroughly tested the most interesting ones or those to which we see them a practical utility, in order to get the most out of them. In other cases we unify several of them and combine them until we obtain a packaged solution with great stability, performance and benefits.

Because we are partners of the majority of leading technology companies in their respective sectors, we can work hand in hand with them to improve the services and solutions offered, searching for and detecting potential problems, offering alternative solutions, and so on.