What is the COLOCATION service? This service allows you to make a first step, and move your systems to the cloud, bringing your own Hardware and Systems Infrastructure (Servers, Firewalls, communications and storage equipment, etc …) to a reliable environment and ready to take care and protect its infrastructure. Rent our Cloud space with the highest guarantee.

Our Colocation services offer a wide variety of flexible alternatives for the physical hosting of your systems within our technical facilities, distributed between Level 1 centers and Level 3/4 data centers that are among the most advanced in the world.

The Colocation service is backed by the most complete service level agreements (SLA) in the market. Hosting your physical equipment and our facilities, in addition to providing the service guarantee you need, allows you to enjoy low-cost access to one of the largest voice and data networks in Europe.

You manage your own infrastructure or ask us to do it for you and forget about everything.

In the VPS part you can select a pool of resources regardless of the number of systems you want to run, customized and under private cloud.