The services of Backup and Replication of systems, allow to create and manage your own solution of RECOVERY OF DISASTERS, for a virtualized infrastructure (with VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, OpenStack, KVM, etc.) already existing.

Create your own Backup Plan according to your needs, without limits. Replicate your systems automatically in another REMOTE DATACENTER and protect your systems against any disaster. It complies with the LOPD and gives the highest level of data protection to your customers, with a TOP quality of service.

The Remote Replication services are adapted to the needs of each project and client allowing replication from DATACENTER to DATACENTER in a synchronous manner, minimizing the loss of information in case of contingency.

And if you already have your own DATACENTER and you want us to be your new center for REPLICATION OF SYSTEMS or BACKUP, call us, and we will design the best disaster protection strategy for your company. Protect yourself and comply with the LOPD at the lowest market cost.

Some of the advantages of Disaster Recovery:

  • RPO of XX minutes / hours / days …
  • Non-invasive with the current infrastructure.
  • Predictable monthly costs.
  • Predictable and guaranteed recovery time.
  • Low consumption of resources.
  • Visibility and total control.
  • Controlled automation.
  • DR for mission critical applications.
  • “Point-in-time” recovery.
  • Modern backup architecture.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Data centers in Spain and Germany.
  • Available for DR from other data centers.