Cloud CSR-ONLINE, ask for your custom configuration and we add the extras that nobody gives you. 14 days of Backup window + System replication in remote Datacenter included.

Call us and tell us what you want to do, or what systems you want to upload to the Cloud. Our commercial technical team will help you to dimension your ideal solution, facilitating the best project, with a clear cost and without surprises, or create a new systems environment for you, according to your needs.

CSR-ONLINE offers a TOP quality Cloud platform, with the latest technology and latest generation Hardware, Software and Communications resources, offering SSD and NVME storage throughout its platform, next-generation Servers Platform, 10GbE LAN communications and the maximum security, redundancy and control mechanisms in all its infrastructure.

CSR-ONLINE offers its team of Technicians and Consultants to determine which platform is the most suitable for you, at the best price. Build your own Cloud, Private and self-managed environment, or let us manage it for you and CSR-ONLINE will take care of everything.

CSR-ONLINE offers full access to the management of the consoles of your machines for shutdown, restart, creation or removal, directly from the VI client.

CSR-ONLINE offers its Cloud service under 24x7x365 support directly by certified technicians in Microsoft Systems, Linux, VMware …

CSR-ONLINE offers the highest quality Cloud Service, with the best personalized attention and dedicated Technical Service.

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General Conditions for the Service (act 2021)

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