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Our Data Center

We offer companies that wish to integrate their systems in the Data Center, all the necessary services, from contracting, to installation, management and supervision of the systems that will be integrated in the Data Center, either physically or virtually.

We simplify

CSR-Online, in its effort to simplify the day to day of our customers, manages totally or in part the integration of their systems in the Data Center of your choice, you inform us of your needs, we advise you and we make them a reality.

Service on the main Data Center for your company. Multi-Hypervisor, Replica, Recovery …

The unification of all processes, allows our customers to deal with a single interlocutor, so we simplify all processes, from contracting to the migration of systems, as well as their maintenance and management.

Thanks to having a presence in the best Spanish Data Centers, Neutral Points, and having qualified professionals, CSR-Online can guarantee the correct functioning of the contracted platforms and systems 24 × 7. The systems of replication, monitoring, and security in general, allow us to act immediately on any problem that is detected, whether Software or Hardware; even before the client notices the problem.

We cover 24 × 7 100% of your critical systems since your migration, day to day: Windows, Linux, Active Directory, Mail Servers, Backup copies, Replication, Firewalls, Network Electronics, and so on.